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Caulders Garden Centre

Caulders Garden Centre

Dobies Garden Centre have been offering advice to budding Gardeners since 1999. With 9 centres across Scotland they are now well known in the gardening world. As well as Gardening equipment they offer everything needed to allow you to relax in your garden. Caulders Garden Centres can be a day out for all the family wither enjoying a weekend shop or taking the kids to the gift shop. Caulders also have a number of cafes across their stores so Point of Sale is a key factory to advertise not only the products in store but what they have to offer in refreshments to their customers.

Their indoor Graphics are full of colorful images reflecting the plants and flowers they sell in store. With that in mind the SPD team work hard to ensure that all colours and images are printed to the highest standard.

So what do we print for Caulders?

Like our first two case studies Event Campaigns are an important aspect for any retail store. As well as generic point of sale advertising the stores products and marketing messages, campaigns allow for something different each month or season keeping the customer engaged and willing to return to the store.  Our client services team with Caulders on a regular basis ensuring that no event is missed. All jobs are planned a head of schedule to allow enough time forInitial artwork set up, printing to the best standard, cutting and packing.

Some of the items we print for Dobbies include:

  • Outdoor banners
  • Hanging Signage
  • Product Header Boards
  • Foamex and Corex Panels
  • Point of Sale Posters
  • Shelf Strips
  • Wobblers (wobbler arms can also be supplied)


Christmas is an essential time for all retail stores. SPD are always on hand to help Caulders create a winter wonderland supplying everything they need to make Christmas come to life. Our cutting machine allows for creating something unique for all stores. Here are just a few things we print for this event.

  • Cut out Figures – Santa, Reindeer, Elves, Candy Canes,
  • Wobblers that can be shaped like presents or Reindeer
  • Christmas Header Boards
  • Christmas Themed Point of Sale posters
  • Christmas Themed Banners 

Some of our work