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Oak Furniture Land (a trading division of JB Global) is the UK’s leading solid hardwood furniture retailers. Founded in 2006, Oak Furniture Land has over 70 stores with an ambitious store opening programme for 2017. Point of Sale is an important sales tool in store, to allow customers to gain access to information quickly as well as creating an inviting atmosphere in store.


The SPD team work closely with Oak Furniture Land on a day-to-day basis to ensure that all stores are up-to-date with all the latest Point of Sale items. When a new store opens we are on hand to send out a New Store Pack containing everything the retailier needs to kit the shop out. This range of products incudes:

  • Point of Sale Posters
  • Marketing Message Posters
  • Hanging Boards
  • Window Roundels
  • Wall and Mirror Vinyl’s
  • Cut out Tags
  • A4 Product Price Tickets
  • DL Size Sofa Price tickets
  • A7 Price tickets
  • Sale Poster and Window Sashes.


As well as the generic store messages and Point of Sale items, event campaigns are also important in keeping the customers engaged and willing to return to the store. 

Each Campaign is carefully planned a few weeks in advance so that we can book the job into our system for printing. Our studio team checks all the campaign artwork before sending to print and our experienced printers ensure a high quality print standard, as well as matching and maintaining the colour for all products across the board.

Once printed the items are sent to our finishing team for cutting and are then laid out for collation to each store. All products are packed suitably for delivery by courier and can be placed on an overnight or AM service. A tracker is then issued so that we can trace all packages and replace any missing items before the store launches the campaign.

A typical Event Campaign usually includes the following items:

  • 60 x 40 Posters
  • Hanging Boards
  • Window Roundels
  • A3 Posters
  • Poster Sale Sashes

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